Chapter 6

Audiovisual eco-design

Reading time: 25 minutes
In this chapter, you will learn how to:
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your audiovisual productions;
  • Adopt reflexes that will enable you to limit production costs;
  • Find alternatives to meet the needs of production and your team.

What impact do audiovisual productions have?

The moving image sectors include the audiovisual and film industries, video games, digital experiences and advertising. There are many different types of production, ranging from video clips, television news and episodic series to sporting events and three-hour films on the big screen.

Through direction, production, stage management and post-production, the professions are faced with multiple constraints in terms of equipment, transport, studios, sets, lighting and energy… So it’s good for the planet and for your wallet to think things through!

How can audiovisual media be eco-designed?